Your Wedding Day Timeline

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with your wedding day timeline? Do you find yourself Googling “How long do family photos take?” or “family photo checklist”? Have you been putting off making a detailed timeline of your wedding day because you just don't know where to start? In this post I'll help you make some decisions about your wedding day that will help you build your timeline!


One of the first things you should decide when making your wedding day timeline is if you want to have a first look or not. Feel free to read that blog post now if you're not quite sure what a that is! Your timeline can be easier to build when you know whether or not you're doing a first look. One of the benefits to doing a first look is that you have the option to get all of your couples and bridal party photos done before the ceremony even happens! Some people even opt to do their family photos before the ceremony as well.


The second thing you want to consider is how much time everything takes. If you include your photographer in any part of creating your timeline THIS is where you need to include them! They will help you with how much time each event takes depending on how many people are involved and where the locations are. Everything that happens on a wedding day usually ends up being 20 minutes longer than is planned for; getting ready, the ceremony and receiving line, family photos (especially if you have a larger family to coordinate with), speeches, and most importantly visiting with your guests! These are very important things to consider into your timeline and to leave breathing room for each event. You don't want to feel rushed on your own wedding day!


The last consideration would be what is important to you? Do you want photos of your first dance? Or cake cutting? Or your crazy aunt's speech?! There are so many important events that happen at your reception that should be taken into consideration when creating your timeline. For instance if you're wanting those cute sparkler exit photos but your wedding is in the middle of the summer it would be important to note that it usually doesn't get dark until after 10:00PM! Consider having your photographer start a bit later in the day or make room in your budget to have your photographer longer.

Here are a few examples of wedding day timelines with different scenarios!

Wedding timeline with the photographer for 8 hours:

11:30 - Photographer arrives for getting ready photos

1:30 - Ceremony

2:30 - Family photos

3:00 - Bridal Party photos

4:00 - Bride & Groom photos

5:30 - Entrance

5:45 - Dinner

6:30 - Speeches

7:00 - First Dance

7:05 - Dancing!

7:30 - Photographer leaves

Wedding timeline with photographer for 6 hours and first look:

1:00 - Photographer arrives for getting ready photos

2:00 - First Look

2:15 - Bridal Party photos

3:00 - Bride & Groom photos

4:00 - Ceremony

4:45 - Family photos

5:15 - Entrance

5:30 - Dinner

6:00 - Speeches

6:30 - First Dance

6:35 - Dancing!

7:00 - Photographer leaves

Wedding timeline with photographer for 10 hours and sparkler exit:

12:30 - Photographer arrives for getting ready photos

2:30 - Ceremony

3:30 - Family photos

4:00 - Bridal Party photos

5:00 - Bride & Groom photos

6:00 - Entrance

6:30 - Dinner

7:00 - Speeches

7:45 - First dance

8:50 - Dancing!

9:30 - Cake cutting

9:45 - Sunset photos

10:00 - Sparkler Exit

10:30 - Photographer leaves

I hope I've been able to answer some of your questions about your own wedding day timeline and that it will help you with making your own!





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