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I've definitely been there! Don't worry, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. When I first started my business I was so overwhelmed! I had a lot to learn! Whether you're just starting out and are wanting to learn more about camera settings and how to start booking clients or you've got the basics down and want to uplevel your client experience, build your portfolio, or learn how to reach your ideal clients. I've spent hours researching and learning and now I want to pass what I've learned on to you!

If you've been doing all the online learning that you can, you know there comes a time when all you want or need is to just sit down with someone and ask them aaallll of your questions!! That's what the mentor session experience is for!

Are you feeling stuck?  Frustrated? Need a boost of inspiration?


If you're ready to get off the struggle bus and take your business to the next level ... what are you waiting for??

let's freaking do this!


one-on-one session

For this session we'll get together in person for coffee. You can share your goals for your business and what you're hoping to learn from me in our time together! You can ask me anything and everything! Some ideas that you could prepare questions for:


- social media

- posing

- shooting weddings/sessions


Then we head out into the field! Not literally...unless that's actually where you want to go! I'll have a couple meet up with us and you can see how I work, ask me questions in the moment, and then you'll get a chance to photograph the couple and get some awesome photos for your portfolio. I'll be there the whole time to answer any questions you have or help you out with posing/prompting.

After that we'll head back to a café or ice cream spot and we'll debrief the photo session we just did together. (This would be a perfect time to go over editing!) You can ask me any remaining question you may have!!

- pricing

- camera settings

- client experience

- branding

- taxes/insurance

- editing

2-3 hours | $450


zoom mini session

1 hour | $250

For this mini session we'll chat over a zoom call! We can cover any and all of the same topics listed above! The Zoom Mini Session is a great option for those who aren't local to me.

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Sneak Peeks-53.jpg

Are you ready to kick your business up a notch and get some serious inspiration and one-on-one education???

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